Hey! Keep it Clean!

Several days ago a client came into our service department (yes, we actually service much of what we sell) with a small-volume aerosol compressor, aka a nebulizer, which is used primarily to nebulize medication to treat lung diseases like COPD & asthma, as well as many others.  Anyway, the complaint was ‘that it wasn’t working’–no specifics. So it was red-bagged per protocol & taken to our service tech for a quick checkup.  Now, this is a common complaint. Aaaannnnd 99% of the time the cause is lack of patient equipment care in the home.  Sure enough, the first thing the tech checks is the input filter.  It was blacker than a charcoal briquet.  New filter installed, unit cleaned & tested, normal psi output.  The machine was brought back to the service desk & then the client’s account was accessed for activity. Turns out they haven’t bought a new mouthpiece/medicine cup since 2006. Ick.  Needless to say they were given new ones & strongly encouraged to get new ones every two weeks.  C’mon folks– medical equipment that your insurance purchases for you requires routine care & maintenance.  It takes very little effort in most cases.  Oh, & those hose thingys that hook up to your oxygen concentrator to help you breathe are NOT meant to aerate your fish tank (true story!).


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