Hemoccult Handshake

How YOU doin'?
How YOU doin’?

Just an update on DH, he was taken care of very well in the ED this past Saturday. Given that he had to spend the night there, the staff made sure he had an appropriate bed to sleep in. This was the first time since we’ve been married that I haven’t had to tell any hospital staff about his skin protocol.  It was such a breath of fresh air, & peace of mind. Now I know this is something that is not intentionally overlooked. It’s just low on the priority pole in ANY hospital ED we’ve been to;  they’re usually so busy ordering radiology tests, drawing blood, documenting, etc., & most ED’s in our area have to order a special bed from a supplier whether he has a room or not.  I worry about his butt–literally.

Anyway, the day after I brought him to the ED, he required one more test before finishing his admittance paperwork–they had to check his stool for blood. To break the awkwardness, the physician assistant said, ” this is the (insert hospital name) handshake”, which of course made everyone chuckle. The ol’ hemoccult handshake. Nice to meetcha Mr. Smith, I gotta wash my hands now…..


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    That’s funny! 🙂 It helps to have humor in these situations.

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