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A little over 3 years ago my husband and I had acquired a 4-month old Yellow Lab named Zoe.   A friend and co-worker offered her up with no price tag and no catches attached after his wife had brought her home, which would’ve made Zoe their 3rd pet in the house, and their financial situation at the time was already in dire straits.   A year before this we had our beloved German Shepherd Zeus euthanized due to sudden illness, so when Zoe came along we were both ready to have a pet again.

Zoe has always been a clingy dog, and is very affectionate with just about anyone she meets.  Since my husband’s death our bond has grown much stronger.  One of my many regrets is that Richard and I didn’t take her out much for walks.  She gets plenty of exercise, but she never really had a chance to become more familiar with our immediate neighborhood while Rich was still alive.   Well, that is no longer the case.

Maybe it was the positive change in the weather.  Maybe it was my need to fill a huge void in my life.  Whatever it was that made me get up off my duff and grab the leash, Zoe and I will be forever grateful to that much needed kick- in- the- pants.  Two weeks ago I took Zoe for a walk just around our block a couple of times to see how she would react, and of course the exercise was beneficial for both of us.  She ended up dragging me most of the way, with her nose encountering such a frenzy of new smells that she barely lifted her head up during the entire stroll.  The week after that, I took her to our local park on a brisk and beautiful sunny evening, which opened her up to even more unusual sights and scents–not to mention other dog-walkers.  Many of them submitted to Zoe rubbing noses with their dogs, obliging her relentless need to get better acquainted, even though she towered over all those she met (the top of her head is about 3 feet from the ground, and she weighs 90 pounds).  Despite her brutal strength I never lost control over her, and it was such a treat for her to finally make some ‘friends’.  The warmer weather soon to come will hopefully open more doors for the both of us.



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    Awww… she’s a beauty! Labs are great dogs. Sion and d-i-l have a chocolate lab..lily…named by my granddaughter.

    I am sorry about your shepherd. We have one now…Bob.. who just turned 9 in may.Shepherds are pretty awesome and he is a real presence in the house.

    It’s great that you take her out walking.. for both of you.

    i hope you are enjoying summer. 🙂

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