Porn Addiction

Today DH got a real good lesson involving his never-ending browsing of internet porn from our home computer.  And it hit him right in the wallet. Now I’m not such a prude about pornography.  As long as the content is not illegal, adults should be able to view such ‘scenery’ within the confines & privacy of their own homes. This past Saturday, just after I finally aroused the courage to create a blog account, I went to work for some OT.  When I got back I saw DH talking on the phone while using the PC.  I knew right away that something wasn’t right just by what he was saying over the phone, then my fears were confirmed when I saw the monitor.  Crashed.  Big time.  Our PC was diagnosed with serious infections of viruses & trojan horses– we couldn’t even log on to the net. Troubleshooting over the phone didn’t cut it–not even close. We had no choice but to fork over the cash to basically re-install everything, which was done by the Geek Squad. I’ve always warned DH about looking at that stuff on the net & I have complete faith that it was nothing criminal, otherwise he’d been calling me from the county jail today with the results.  All $310 dollars worth of it.  Anyway, it was worth it. This was the first crash we’ve ever had since we’ve purchased our PC, so we’ve been lucky compared to some. Oh & for those of you who are wondering, they really do drive those funny little black & white cars.


I did it!

I finally started a blog.  Wasn’t sure how to go about it since my knowledge of the blogsphere is quite green, but figured I have enough skills to be dangerous. I will be posting mostly about my experiences at work, which I hope others in the healthcare industry find useful or even entertaining. Stick with me folks, I’ll make it worth your while……